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Civil engineering of two factory sites, separated by a railway, a river (the Haine) and a road. This civil engineering project includes a series support posts, corner towers, an power cabin and buried constructions for loading lorries by mean of funnels.

On the factory side, the foundations rest on posts, but on the other side of the Haine, the foundations are on the surface.

Buried constructions: depth of up to 7 m, length up to 90 m.

Installation of 2,500 m2 concrete roads, sewer system, ditches.

A few particularities: span of 63 m (road + river), with overnight installation of the railway crossing. A possible impact by a train into the construction has been considered, works were executed close to a Fluxys high-pressure gas pipe.

2.100 m3 of concrete, 263 T of concrete iron

  • Construction site: Obourg Factory
  • Contractor : Franki (civil engineering), Tramo (road works, sewage)
  • Contracting authority: HOLCIM Belgique SA
  • Year 2007