Retention basin - COMET

Design, drawing of work blue print and construction supervision of a retention basin with a capacity of 1,200 m3 and new sewer system up- and downstream.

The basin mainly acts as sludge tank but also as a retention basin in case of heavy rainfall. Upstream inlet water with pumps, outflow by gravity. 

Due to the type of soil (peaty, with water upwelling) the foundation consists of a 80 cm thick concrete slab. The turf beneath the basin has been scraped for good stability of the basin. The curved walls, 4.5 m high, have been built with the use of steel formwork. The additional buildings (inlet chamber, pump chamber, overflows, …) have been attached to the basin to ensure a good cohesion of the construction.

  • Contracting authority: Groupe COMET
  • Construction site: Comet factory, Obourg
  • Year: 2008-2009
  • Contractor : FRANKI