Repair works to silos

Dating of the sixties, these three concrete silos (50 m in height, 13 to 16 m across) showed numerous disorders due to carbonatation. After discussion with the Peter & Lochner (Stuttgart) office that achieved the silos survey and inspection by SECO, the type of intervention was chosen: complete sleeving of the existing silos. This solution allows the silos to be re-qualified according to present standards (Eurocodes) in order to give them a new life. The parts that are not repaired/protected by the sleeving are restored by classic methods.
The prime difficulties were the presence of a power line (2x150,000V) and of course, given the existing building, to adapt the scaffolding system.

Sleeving: 1.400 m3 of concrete, 145 T of concrete iron, 4.700 m2 of formwork (single sided) Repairs of concrete protection coating for the other buildings : 4,200 m2.

  • Construction site: Obourg factory
  • Contracting authority: HOLCIM Belgique SA
  • Year: 2009
  • HOL0802SB-423