Retention basin 6,000 m3

Design, adjudication, drawing of construction blue prints and construction supervision
of a retention basin with a capacity of 6,000 m3 and renovation of the upstream sewage system.
The basin mainly acts as sludge tank and re-circulation of cooling water of the factory, but also as a retention basin in case of heavy rainfall. Upstream inlet water with pumps, outflow by gravity. Due to the type of soil (peaty, with water upwelling) the foundation consists of a concrete slab resting on pillars. The curved walls, 4.9 m high, have been built with the use of steel formwork. A peripheral ring serving as pathway ensures rigidness of the basin and has allowed for thinner concrete walls. The additional buildings (inlet chamber, pump chamber, venturi, overflows, power cabin …) have been attached to the basin to ensure a good cohesion of the construction. 1.300 m3 of concrete, 172 T of concrete iron 

  • Contracting authority: HOLCIM Belgique SA
  • Contractor : Galère (civil engineering), Balteau (equipment)
  • Construction site: Obourg factory
  • Year: 2006-2008
  • HOL0606SB-322
  • Key words : retention basin storm treatment fire cooling sewer system